Forensic Science Teacher Workshops

In October 2015, STEMversity held its 1st Science Teachers Educational Workshop (STEW), and it was a great success! The 1st workshop focused on paper chromatography, and how it can be applied to different science fields.


Special thanks to Carol Goings and the Baldwin County Science Teachers!


FAST offers professional development to science teachers consisting of lecture and theory with hands on demonstrations. The workshops offer forensic chemistry, qualitative/ quantitative, analysis, DNA, fingerprinting and chromatography. The program offers two Student-Teacher Workshops (STWs) per semester. The Workshops include:

  • Drug Forensic Chemistry- include presumptive testing, separation techniques, drug classes and identification.

  • Qualitative/Quantitative analysis- the definition and how each is used in drug analysis

  • Chromatography – Separation techniques

  • Infrared Spectroscopy – Identification techniques


Educators use this knowledge to deliver a more robust science curriculum to their students. The STWs are designed for teachers who do not have a science education degree.

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