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Forensic Science Teacher Workshops

In October 2015, STEMversity held its 1st Science Teachers Educational Workshop (STEW), and it was a great success! The 1st workshop focused on paper chromatography, and how it can be applied to different science fields.


Since then, STEMversity has had 8 Science Teacher Workshops that cover the topics below.


FAST offers professional development to science teachers consisting of lecture and theory with hands on demonstrations. The workshops offer forensic chemistry, qualitative/ quantitative, analysis, DNA, fingerprinting and chromatography. The program offers two Student-Teacher Workshops (STWs) per semester. The Workshops include:

  • Drug Forensic Chemistry- include presumptive testing, separation techniques, drug classes and identification.

  • Qualitative/Quantitative analysis- the definition and how each is used in drug analysis

  • Chromatography – Separation techniques

  • Infrared Spectroscopy – Identification techniques


Educators use this knowledge to deliver a more robust science curriculum to their students. The STWs are designed for teachers who do not have a science education degree.

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