Who Are We?

STEMversity is a non-profit organization established to provide state of the art, hands on STEM training to students through instructional laboratory experience. 

What Students Say

"I like working with the GC/Mass Spectrometer the most, something some scientists do not see until their career". 

-D.J.C., high school sophomore, Georgia College Early College 

"The hands-on experience and being able to program a machine that most people my age do not even know about was very interesting". 

-K.K.V., high school freshman, Baldwin High School

"I liked doing the presumptive testing and meeting new people".

-B.J., middle school eight grader, Georgia Military College 

"The instructors made the instructions very clear. I liked the mock trials and having to testify and defend our work". 

-D.P., middle school eight grader, Georgia College Early College



Current and Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for our upcoming Saturday lab information!

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