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STEMversity, in keeping with CDC guidelines, has suspended its hands-on laboratory training program.  We are working on our distance and virtual learning program to deliver STEM learning content.  We look forward to resuming our forensic training program in 2025.  Take care and stay safe.

Who Are We?

STEMversity is a non-profit organization established to provide state of the art, hands on STEM training to students through instructional laboratory experience. 

What Students Say About STEMversity

"I like working with the GC/Mass Spectrometer the most, something some scientists do not see until their career". 

-D.J.C., high school sophomore, Georgia College Early College 

"The hands-on experience and being able to program a machine that most people my age do not even know about was very interesting". 

-K.K.V., high school freshman, Baldwin High School

"I liked doing the presumptive testing and meeting new people".

-B.J., middle school eight grader, Georgia Military College 

"The instructors made the instructions very clear. I liked the mock trials and having to testify and defend our work". 

-D.P., middle school eight grader, Georgia College Early College



Current and Upcoming Events

Steam Forward! Virtual Workshops

Hello STEM students and teachers, we hope everyone is doing well.  The 2025 STEMversity program is underway with our first STEAM virtual workshops.  STEMversity has partnered with  STEAM Forward! Academy by funding 20 K-5 students from Baldwin County Schools in Milledgeville, Georgia.  The funding was provided by a grant from the Robins Air Force Base STEM Outreach Program.


We are proud to sponsor the students during the COVID-19 pandemic.  To find out more about the STEAM Forward! Academy please their website at:

Stay tuned for more upcoming 2025 events!

Words from Our Executive Director


I want to welcome you to the STEMversity website.  We are a non-profit organization that is focused on getting more underrepresented students into the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.  We do this by engaging middle and high school students in forensics and environmental science classwork and rigorous laboratory exercises.  We also have professionals from the STEM industries come to our summer academy to speak and encourage students to seek careers in the sciences.  As we look to the future, STEMversity is committed to preparing our students to be leaders in the STEM fields.



STEMversity seeks to provide training and educational programs to encourage exploration, develop experience, and provide necessary instruction for students and educators, preparing for college and today's workforce opportunities.

Darrell Davis

STEMversity Executive Director

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